Peace begins with a smile. (Mother Teresa) Smile is a simple act, but sometimes takes a lot of effort. A smile can cause boundaries to melt, hearts to warm up, and distances to reduce.
        In 2013, the “European Year of Citizens”, further efforts should be put into raising awareness on Union citizens' rights, facilitating the exercise of the active citizenship. Active citizenship Learning processes have to be adapted to the changes that take place in democracies. “Understanding the multi-cultural and socio-economic dimensions of European societies and how national cultural identity interacts with the European identity is essential”, states the Recommendation of the European Parliament and of the Council on Key competence for lifelong learning.
        We live in a world of very diverse cultures, languages, priorities and appearances. In spite of our vast differences – all people smile in the same language. Instead of treating people differently because of their differences we can discover how to treat people the same because of our similarities. Our Comenius project will contribute to the dismantling of common places, taboo and prejudgments, promoting the integration and spirit of tolerance. Partners will create a classroom environment more conducive to learning; it ensures that students learn new skills and attitudes which will ultimately lead to a better understanding of others and to a valuing of diversity in the participating schools.
        In a partnership, 10 schools from 9 countries: RO, TR, HR, SI, CY, PL, DE, LV and IT will involve teams of students and teachers to participate in extra- and curricular activities to develop knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes that increase academic achievement and foster positive attitude of active citizens and volunteers, acting for tolerance, peace and understanding between nations, familiarizing mechanisms of EU and promoting self-development by non-formal learning methodology.
        The Comenius project will promote interethnic communication and dialogue between cultures which will have an important impact on the school organization becoming more democratic and inclusive. It focuses in the multicultural culture and population which is a reality in all the schools. It also includes team of teachers which will be able to share the experience on conflict resolution strategies for the wellbeing of the schools.
        By sharing experiences with each other– it’s easier to improve both the organization as a hole and each consultant. Participants will have the opportunity to meet other learners from partner organizations and discuss the issues they face. They will be able to communicate through on-line forums and discussion groups as an adjunct to the final meeting. The students will benefit from the opportunity to meet with students from other countries within the European Union and to participate with them in comparing their learning experiences and their understanding of multicultural phenomenon.

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